Today’s Workout


TIME: ugh, too slow

WHERE? East River

HOW'D IT GO? Why are my legs still dead?!? They feel heavy and sore and I don't know how to fix it. It was a gorgeous day and I still had to force myself out the door at lunchtime to get in a few miles. Days like today make me hate running.



Today’s Workout

Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan Bridge // Brooklyn Bridge // Freedom Tower // the Intrepid

  • MILES ACTUALLY RUN: 14.5 mile
  • TIME: 2:54:36
  • WHERE: everywhere! east river path, battery park city, west side highway
  • HOW’D IT FEEL? Slow and humid! The marathon is 9 weeks away and I’m starting to feel kind of confident that I’ll actually finish. I know it will be slow but at least I’ll cross the finish line.