Today’s Workout

Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan Bridge // Brooklyn Bridge // Freedom Tower // the Intrepid

  • MILES ACTUALLY RUN: 14.5 mile
  • TIME: 2:54:36
  • WHERE: everywhere! east river path, battery park city, west side highway
  • HOW’D IT FEEL? Slow and humid! The marathon is 9 weeks away and I’m starting to feel kind of confident that I’ll actually finish. I know it will be slow but at least I’ll cross the finish line.

Today’s Workout

By the numbers:
  • Miles run: 15.6
  • Margarita clif shots consumed: 6
  • Times I stopped to refill my water bottle: 4
  • Geese spotted: 12
  • Geese that chased me: 1
  • Times I wanted to quit and take the subway home: 2
  • Glasses of wine consumed post-run: 3!


Yesterday’s Workout


TIME: unsure, but definitely slow

WHERE: the east side of the Central Park loop, over to Riverside Park(where I played on the rings), down the Westside Highway to 59th street and back over to the east side

HOW’D IT FEEL? this is the farthest I've ever run by myself! (meaning not a race) so that's exciting. I walked a lot but I don't care. I'm going away this weekend so I'm sure I won't have time(or any desire) to run 9 miles, so I'm happy I got it done midweek.

Also, I found some awesome rings on a playground in riverside park! I seriously need some upper body strength training – I couldn't even make it to the 3rd ring!