WIAW: The Meatball Shop

Happy WIAW! I've been trying to clean up my eating habits a bit, but it's hard because I'm always hungry! #marathontraininghunger !!!!

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with grated parmasean, an apple and an espresso

Lunch – raisin bran with skim milk, baby carrots and roasted red pepper hummus

Dinner – dinner at the meatball shop! I had a mini slider to start(chile relleno meatball with queso fresco and salsa verde) & chicken meatballs with spicy meat sauce over sautéed broccoli. The slider was phenomenal. It's a good thing it was a random special or I would go back every night!



Five Things Friday

1. I got on the scale today and it was a disaster. I'm up almost 20 pounds from where I was in January. I know I've gained a little because I've been running/eating more, but I'm pretty sure most of it is due to alcohol. Whoops. Might be time to cut back a little.

2. I'm running a race tomorrow – the NYRR Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope. Last time I did a 4-miler I ran it in 42:38. I'd love to beat that, even by a few seconds, by I'm not expecting that to happen. Like I said, I'm almost 20 lbs heavier, which definitely does not translate to faster running times for me.

3. And then I'm going to AC! I'm spending the weekend there to celebrate a friends birthday and I'm pretty excited. So yeah….that cutting back on booze thing obviously can't start this weekend….

4. I ran out of GUs and shot blocks so I used gummy bears for my long run. Possibly one of the best decisions I have made lately.

5. I found my new favorite snack. I'm not a huge almond butter person but this Cocoa + Coconut Barney Butter is one of the best things to happen to me. I've been putting it everything – apples, bananas, toast, spoons….to die for.

That's all. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


WIAW: Oh! Taisho


 Happy WIAW! I haven’t done this is awhile so I definitely feel like it’s time. Here are my eats from yesterday:


Berries and an (unpictured) iced coffee


Salad with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese and thousand island dressing


All of the skewers from Oh! Taisho in the East Village. I tried a ton of different items – Tsukune(beef meatballs), Shishito(peppers), Aspara bacon(bacon wrapped asparagus), Hotate bacon(bacon wrapped scallops), Negi(scallions), and Ninniku(garlic). My favorites were easily the bacon wrapped asparagus and the shishito peppers. Can’t wait to go back and try more things!


A pink lady apple, some Cocoa & Coconut Barney Butter and some cheddar cheese

Off To Philadelphia

Right now I'm on Amtrak to Philadelphia to see a comedy show. I picked up a few snacks for the ride from a new-to-me deli called Speedy's. Sparkling coconut water and a couple things from the salad bar(egg, chicken, mozzarella cheese and lettuce). Hopefully it's delicious!

Earlier today I tried to go for a run but it was just TOO FREAKING HOT. I'm a wimp and I can't run more than 10 feet without water(psychological issues lol) so it ended up being more of a walk/run/death march for 2.8 miles. Note to self: buy a handheld water bottle so you don't die of heatstroke!

On the upside, I did find a sunscreen that works for me. I'm such a baby about getting sunscreen in my eyes and having it burn, but this Aveeno stick was awesome! I got nice and sweaty and my eyeballs weren't on fire – success!

Okay, off to eat my snack and read a little before I arrive in Philly!


WIAW: Making Healthier Restaurant Choices

I’ve been doing a lot better with my sugar intake this week! It’s been a little tough but I’m feeling a lot better(less bloating and stomach issues) so it’s definitely worth it. I have been pretty busy with work lately, which translates into a lot of eating out, but I’ve been trying to make healthier choices.

Peas and Crayons

Here are my eats from yesterday:

Power breakfast egg bowl with steak and avocado from Panera Bread. Unfortunately this was kind of terrible. I didn’t hate it but the steak was cold…so it felt weird eating it with hot eggs. Maybe just too many textures for me or something?


Grilled chicken Cobb salad from Le Pain Quotidien. This is a staple for me, I just love it!


A Quest bar and iced tea for snack time. I think I’m starting to get addicted to these bars!

Dinner at home: roasted chicken legs, broccoli and a random hard boiled egg.

Cherries for dessert!

I also had a few(too many) cups of coffee that managed to escape being photographed throughout the day.

Thanks to Jen for hosting WIAW!

One Mile Run & Weekend Snapshots

Last week I had to get a few stitches on my leg so I haven't been able to work out. Today is the first day I've been able to run so I did a 1 mile jog in the rain. Very slow but getting faster!

Here are a few shots from my Memorial Day weekend:

{A delicious eggplant parm casserole made by my friend J}

{A quick visit to the American Museum of Natural History to see the live butterfly conservatory and the dinos}

{Baby duckies my parents found in their yard and took to the wildlife rescue place}