Brooklyn Half Marathon Expo

Yesterday I went on an adventure to Brooklyn to pick up my race bib for this weekend. I had a few hours to spare so I decided to walk instead of take the train or ferry.

I ended up walking down the East River and then west Chinatown towards the Brooklyn Bridge. I stopped at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory along the way. There were some crazy flavors! I sampled the black sesame, which was good but odd tasting, and ended up choosing the coconut(safe and delicious).

I made my way over the bridge, took a photo of the newly finished Freedom Tower and headed to the expo. It was in the Old Tobacco Warehouse, which was very cool, but the expo itself was kind of lame. No samples, not very many vendors. Oh well.

I ended up walking 9.5 miles(!) so I bought a pretzel, grabbed my bib and shirt, and headed to the subway. At first I was kind of annoyed the expo was all the way in Brooklyn(NYRR pick up is so convenient), but it was really nice out yesterday and ended up being a great way to spend a few hours, so I can't complain.