Jameson Best Fest

Last night I was supposed to run a 5k in Prospect Park…..but then I was invited to this concert last minute, so I bailed on the race. There will be plenty of opportunities to run in the park all summer, but only one chance to attend Jameson Best Fest as a VIP with friends.

Instead, I decided to do my own little 5k along the East River after work, before the concert. My legs are STILL SORE from Saturday so it was slow but I'm happy I did it. Going for a run before the concert definitely alleviated some of the guilt over skipping the race.
Plus I got to wear my new Brooklyn Half race tee, which makes me happy. I'm a nerd. Whatever.

After a quick shower I was off to dinner and the concert.

As for the concert, it was really fun! I'm not a huge music person so I didn't know a lot of the people that performed – but I do know Norah Jones and the Black Keys, so it was awesome to see them!

I had never been to the Bowery Ballroom, so it was cool to see that, and we were in a special VIP balcony section with a great view and free Jameson drinks all night.