WIAW: Making Healthier Restaurant Choices

I’ve been doing a lot better with my sugar intake this week! It’s been a little tough but I’m feeling a lot better(less bloating and stomach issues) so it’s definitely worth it. I have been pretty busy with work lately, which translates into a lot of eating out, but I’ve been trying to make healthier choices.

Peas and Crayons

Here are my eats from yesterday:

Power breakfast egg bowl with steak and avocado from Panera Bread. Unfortunately this was kind of terrible. I didn’t hate it but the steak was cold…so it felt weird eating it with hot eggs. Maybe just too many textures for me or something?


Grilled chicken Cobb salad from Le Pain Quotidien. This is a staple for me, I just love it!


A Quest bar and iced tea for snack time. I think I’m starting to get addicted to these bars!

Dinner at home: roasted chicken legs, broccoli and a random hard boiled egg.

Cherries for dessert!

I also had a few(too many) cups of coffee that managed to escape being photographed throughout the day.

Thanks to Jen for hosting WIAW!


WIAW: Cutting Out the Sugar

Lately I’ve been eating way too much sugar(bread, donuts, bagels, ice cream) and this week I’m making an effort to cut back on the treats and add more veggies to my diet. As always, thanks to Peas and Crayons¬†for hosting WIAW. Here are my eats from yesterday:

Pre-run: tropical nuun

Breakfast: two fried eggs, iced coffee and some mini Brie

Lunch: a salad from TJ’s, sparkling water and some sugar-free jello

Dinner: garlic chicken sausage, brussel sprouts with bacon, wine, manchego, pecorino romano….the half eaten cookie isn’t mine!