NYCM Training: 9 & 8 Weeks Out!

9 weeks to go!

Monday – 4 miles

Tuesday – rest

Wednesday – 8 miles. I had 15 on my schedule but that just wasn't going to happen. Worked too late and I just didn't have the time or energy to keep going.

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – yoga

Saturday – NYRR Autism Speaks 4 miler. I PR-ed by over a minute! I know I'm still super, super slow but it's nice to see an improvement.

Sunday – post Atlantic City death. I laid on the couch all day and prayed for the hangover gods to just kill me off.

Total – 20 miles, 1 yoga session, 1 horrible hangover


8 weeks to go!

Monday – 4 miles

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – 3 miles

Friday – yoga

Saturday – another hangover. This needs to stop happening.

Sunday – 18 mile tune-up in Central Park on zero food or energy because I was so sick the day prior. I'm bad at life.

Total – 29 miles, 1 yoga session


Things I learned in the past two weeks:

  • I cannot handle booze. I rarely go out anymore but when I do I am SO SICK the next day… head pounding/so dehydrated/hurts to be alive kind of sick. I think I need to quit drinking until the marathon is over.
  • People take their clif shot bloks out of the plastic wrapper and wrap each blok in tinfoil? I saw a girl doing this on the subway on the way to race and it blew my mind.
  • My stomach does not like Gatorade. I had to stop THREE times during my 18 miler. Enough said.
  • I need new shoes. My feet and knees hurt while I'm running, so I'm thinking that's the cause.



Today’s Workout


TIME: 59:09

WHERE: to Central Park and around the Bridle Path

HOW’D IT FEEL? I feel defeated. Why is running 5 miles just as hard as running 15 for me? Shouldn't this be getting easier at some point?


Yesterday’s Workout


TIME: unsure, but definitely slow

WHERE: the east side of the Central Park loop, over to Riverside Park(where I played on the rings), down the Westside Highway to 59th street and back over to the east side

HOW’D IT FEEL? this is the farthest I've ever run by myself! (meaning not a race) so that's exciting. I walked a lot but I don't care. I'm going away this weekend so I'm sure I won't have time(or any desire) to run 9 miles, so I'm happy I got it done midweek.

Also, I found some awesome rings on a playground in riverside park! I seriously need some upper body strength training – I couldn't even make it to the 3rd ring!


I Ran 6.5 Miles Today…

And now I feel like a hungry, hungry hippo! I've been insatiable all day. I don't even know what's going to happen when I start running longer distances.

I feel like there's a good chance I'm going to put on a few pounds while I'm marathon training.
Right now I'm packing and then I'm off to the Jersey Shore for the next five days. My goal is to actually stay active on vacation. I want to run twice, swim and play tennis….very different than my usual sit-on-the-beach-and-drink style.
The true essentials: sneakers, flip flops, swim suits and booze!

Happy Friday!


More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon Recap

I had planned on posting this yesterday, but in light of what happened in Boston, I decided it would be best to hold off.  As a I said yesterday, I am still deeply saddened by what happened and I’m keeping everyone in my prayers.


On Sunday I ran the More/Fitness Women’s Half Marathon.  I was completely unprepared.  I don’t think going on one five mile run since last fall really counts as training, but whatever.  My plan for the race was to run a bit, walk a bit, and basically just enjoy myself, since it was supposed to be a nice day in Central Park.

photo 1

Obviously it was crowded at the start.  I’m usually in the last or second to last corral(yay for being super slow!), but somehow i ended up behind the race walker at the start.  So that was super fun – trying to dodge through ladies walking six abreast.  Not cool.

But anyway,I had a great time.  I ran until I was tired, then walked a bit, then ran some more.  Basically it was just a nice way to spend a few hours in the sun, getting some exercise and rocking out to Justin Beiber on my ipod.

photo 2

AND Deena Kastor ran by me!  Girl is fast!  Also, she has my same Garmin watch.  We’re practically twins.


Official finish time was 2:30:32.

My next race is in five weeks, so hopefully I’ll actually run between now and then and be able to improve a little bit.

Five Thing Friday

1. I went running in Central Park this morning. I don't think I've been there since the fall so it was definitely nice to see it again. Sadly, most of the trees are still bare and part of the reservoir was blocked off, but it was good to be back.

5 super slow miles of running/walking in 58:20. Just feels nice to be outside and moving again.

2. Boyfriend bought a Nespresso machine for easter and I'm officially addicted. I'm usually just a French press coffee kind of girl but now I've been drinking all these fancy drinks. It makes a cappucino in like 7 seconds. It's hard to say no to that.

3. I bought a pair of shorts at Nike the other day because they were on sale and when I got home they were ridiculously tiny. Like trying-to-suffocate-my-thighs tiny. I knew they looked a bit small in the store but this is absurd.

Both of these are size small! I hate you, Nike.

4. I'm leaving for Boston this afternoon and I'm not looking forward to sitting in the car for five hours. However, I am looking forward to getting my hands on some of that Mary Lou's coffee that Carrots n Cake is always talking about…..

5. I went to dinner last night with full intentions of being healthy….but then somehow this happened: a mac & cheese & bacon pie. How can you see something like this on the menu and not order it? I almost died from happiness.