First Time at FlyWheel

I've always wanted to try a spin studio but I hadn't pulled the trigger because they're expensive. My gym offers spin classes with the membership so it seemed silly to pay a ridiculous amount for a boutique studio class….until yesterday. I decided to treat myself to a class at Fly Wheel for the first time and I absolutely loved it!

The day before my class I went online to book a class(which was super easy, by the way) for 8:30 the next day. I got there about 15 minutes early and explained that I was new to the young guy behind the desk and he jumped right into action! He showed me how to check in on the computer, where to pick up my reserved spin shoes, how to work the lockers, where to get towels and water and how to set up my bike. I don't think I've ever met such a helpful gym employee! The class started right on time and it was perfect for me. Admittedly I'm pretty out of shape. I run slowly and do yoga occasionally – nothing else! This class was challenging but I was able to go at my own pace and drop resistance when I had to. I loved having the little bike computer to tell you torque and RPM – so helpful! I also really liked the arms part of the workout. There were two bars right by the front wheel of the bike. I'm unsure of the weights but I started with the heavier one and switched to the lighter one halfway through. By the end of the 45 minute class I was a sweaty, quivering mess!

I had a really great time at Fly Wheel, but the bottom line for me is the price. 31 dollars per class(slightly less if you buy a package) is kind of exorbitant. I love the small attention to details – complimentary water, towels and shoes – and I really loved the class but I don't know if I can justify spending that kind of money to attend a class or two a week. It might be something to save for special occasions or whenever I want to treat myself because I really loved going!



WIAW: The Meatball Shop

Happy WIAW! I've been trying to clean up my eating habits a bit, but it's hard because I'm always hungry! #marathontraininghunger !!!!

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with grated parmasean, an apple and an espresso

Lunch – raisin bran with skim milk, baby carrots and roasted red pepper hummus

Dinner Рdinner at the meatball shop! I had a mini slider to start(chile relleno meatball with queso fresco and salsa verde) & chicken meatballs with spicy meat sauce over saut̩ed broccoli. The slider was phenomenal. It's a good thing it was a random special or I would go back every night!


NYCM Training: 6 Weeks To Go!

This week was kind of a disaster. My legs were sore the first part of the week and then I was just too busy and distracted towards the end of the week. I'm disappointed with myself for falling off my plan so badly this week but I'm trying not to let it bother me too much. Life is about creating memories and at the end of the day, I'm going to remember the amazing time I had at a Yankees game with friends or at Oysterfesf, rather than the miles I spent alone in the park.

Monday & Tuesday: Rest. My legs were shot after 18 miles in Central Park on Sunday.

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: Yoga. Every week I say I'm going to find a new studio and every week I go back to the same class that I hate.

Friday: 9 miles in Central Park

Saturday: Unintentional rest day. I meant to do a 5 mile run, but I started cleaning the apartment in the morning and all of a sudden it was the afternoon and time to meet friends.

Sunday: Another unintentional rest day – oops! I had 12 miles on my schedule and was about to head out the door when a friend called to offer me a ticket to the Yankees game. I had to say yes!

Total: 13 miles & 1 yoga class


Summer Recap

At the beginning of the summer I made a list of stuff I wanted to accomplish. Yesterday was officially the last day of summer, so here's a look back at my summer bucket list…

Summer solstice yoga in Times Square – loved this!

Kayaking on the Hudson – never made it around to this.

Shakespeare in the Park – Made a solid attempt at this. I waited in line for tickets and went but I started raining so the show was cut off at intermission. Boo.

Go to the beach! – I made it to the beach SO many times. Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Point Pleasant

Rain room at MoMa – this was easily my favorite thing I did this summer. My friend and I waited in line for three hours to see it but it was SO worth it.

Go for a trail run -giant fail

Swim laps outside – did this twice at John Jay park pool. Turns out I'm a horrible swimmer and I probably need lessons.

Broadway in Bryant Park – I think I forgot this existed?

See an outdoor movie – just poor planning on my part and I didn't get around to it

Run during summer streets – I'm actually really sad I didn't do this! Summer Streets happened three weekends and I was away every single one!

Visit the Statue of Liberty – didn't get around to it but I'm trying to organize a trip there this fall.

Train for the NYCM! Only 6 weeks to go!

Six out of 12 goals is kind of pathetic but I did a few other things that kept me busy and active this summer – camping, hiking, a few Yankees games and much more. It was an amazing summer and I'm really looking forward to everything fall has to offer – cooler weather, scarves, pumpkin flavored everything and the New York City Marathon!


Five Things Friday

Just a few random Friday thoughts…

1. This is happening tomorrow and I'm super excited! I don't eat oysters but I do enjoy live music and day drinking outside.

2. Last weekend was my anniversary. I spent the morning running 18 miles because I'm the worst girlfriend ever. Boyfriend bought me flowers because he is the best.

3. I'm the least girly-girl ever but after 27 years I finally figured out how to curl my hair. I shouldn't be nearly as proud of myself as I am.

4. Found a random Asian store and bought so many snack: chocolate and strawberry poki, shishito peppers, hi chews, wasabi peas. I love snacks.

5. I've been reading this book all week. I'm about half way through and I'm loving it!

That's all for now. Happy Friday!