Today’s Workout

Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan Bridge // Brooklyn Bridge // Freedom Tower // the Intrepid

  • MILES ACTUALLY RUN: 14.5 mile
  • TIME: 2:54:36
  • WHERE: everywhere! east river path, battery park city, west side highway
  • HOW’D IT FEEL? Slow and humid! The marathon is 9 weeks away and I’m starting to feel kind of confident that I’ll actually finish. I know it will be slow but at least I’ll cross the finish line.

WIAW: Oh! Taisho


 Happy WIAW! I haven’t done this is awhile so I definitely feel like it’s time. Here are my eats from yesterday:


Berries and an (unpictured) iced coffee


Salad with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese and thousand island dressing


All of the skewers from Oh! Taisho in the East Village. I tried a ton of different items – Tsukune(beef meatballs), Shishito(peppers), Aspara bacon(bacon wrapped asparagus), Hotate bacon(bacon wrapped scallops), Negi(scallions), and Ninniku(garlic). My favorites were easily the bacon wrapped asparagus and the shishito peppers. Can’t wait to go back and try more things!


A pink lady apple, some Cocoa & Coconut Barney Butter and some cheddar cheese

Yesterday’s Workout


TIME: 42:57

WHERE: to the end of LBI and back, through Beach Haven and Holgate

HOW’D IT FEEL? This run hurt my heart. There is still so much devastation left from Hurricane Sandy. I've been summering at LBI for over 25 years and my heart was breaking to see the houses of family, friends, and neighbors completely trashed.


NYCM Training: Week 1

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 9.5 miles with a little ring-swinging action thrown in the middle

Wednesday: rest day

Thursday: 3 miles in the rain

Friday: Accidental rest day. I meant to go running early before I left for my camping trip but packing and errands got in the way.

Saturday & Sunday: No running but plenty of other exercise. Swimming, kayaking, paddle-boating, handstands and drunken dancing count as cross training, right?

Total: 15.5 miles