Off To Philadelphia

Right now I'm on Amtrak to Philadelphia to see a comedy show. I picked up a few snacks for the ride from a new-to-me deli called Speedy's. Sparkling coconut water and a couple things from the salad bar(egg, chicken, mozzarella cheese and lettuce). Hopefully it's delicious!

Earlier today I tried to go for a run but it was just TOO FREAKING HOT. I'm a wimp and I can't run more than 10 feet without water(psychological issues lol) so it ended up being more of a walk/run/death march for 2.8 miles. Note to self: buy a handheld water bottle so you don't die of heatstroke!

On the upside, I did find a sunscreen that works for me. I'm such a baby about getting sunscreen in my eyes and having it burn, but this Aveeno stick was awesome! I got nice and sweaty and my eyeballs weren't on fire – success!

Okay, off to eat my snack and read a little before I arrive in Philly!



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