Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

On Saturday I ran the NYRR Brooklyn Half marathon and got a new PR!

Race day started bright and early with a 5:30 am wake up call. Getting there was a little bit rough. My sweet boyfriend offered to drive me to prospect park amd we had a few issues getting there. There was traffic, the Brooklyn bridge was closed so we had to find an alternate route, and worst of all….DUNKIN DONUTS WAS CLOSED! How could they be closed at 615?!? Who is making the donuts?!? So no coffee for me. Boo.

I made it to the start and hung out in the corrals for about 35 minutes and then we were off! I haven't really been running lately, even though I vowed to run more after my last half, so my plan was to take it easy. I wanted to run slow, walk when necessary and just have fun.

I ended up walking a few miles in the middle in Prospect Park because my hips were super tight and painful.

Running along Ocean Parkway was cool for a few minutes, but then it got kind of boring. I was ready to be done around mile 10….unfortunately that's nowhere close to 13.1.

Around mile 12 I realized that if I stopped being a wimp and actually ran I might be able to get a PR so I picked up the pace and shaved almost three minutes off my last half!
By the end I was so happy to be done and it took forever to find my boyfriend. The cell reception was terrible and it took us over 30 minutes to find each other, even though he actually saw me cross the finish line!
It ended up being a great day, even though I had a rough start and my hips were hurting.

Official time – 2:27:31



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