April Goals

Run three times a week.
I’ve been getting better about working out. In the past month I’ve gone from exercising twice a week(if that) to 4-5 times, but I need to get back into running. Now that it’s finally getting warmer I should be motivated to run outside.

Yoga once a week.
I said it before, I hate yoga….but it’s good for me so I’m going to keep trying it.

Cook” dinner once a week.
As in, don’t eat out or order take out. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just not from a restaurant.

Power down an hour before bed.
I struggle with insomnia and lately it’s been ridiculous so I’m ready to try anything. I’m hoping that if I cut down on phone/computer/tv before bed time(and read for an hour instead) I will be able to fall asleep easier.


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